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SUMBER ORGANIK's investment in Benowo is conducted in two phases: The first phase aims to slow-down environmental damages caused by site operation from past practices and recondition the existing infrastructures to support the waste receiving at the dumping area in it’s future operation. The second phase aims to find solution in reducing waste ending-up in the landfill by installing new facilities such as waste water treatment, Landfill Gas Power Plant, Gasification Power Plant, and its supporting infrastructures

The project will reduces emission up to a total of 300,000 tonnes CO2 per annum.

In doing so,

We invested in infrastructure upgrade: better environmental control facilities, drainage, roads, weighbridges, and perimeter fences.

We improves the waste deposition practices by introducing bottom and upper geotextile and geo-membrane liners, in-zones leachate drainage and carrier system. We also invested in better and more energy-efficient heavy duty machineries;

We improves safety and reduces odor by extracting and collecting gases emitted by the waste-mounds. While doing so, we harvests methane-laden landfill gas and generates renewable electricity to the grid.

In our delivery, SUMBER ORGANIK partners only with the biggest name in landfill gas to energy players worldwide.

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Our Vision:

SUMBER ORGANIK takes the leadership position in building the national waste-to-energy industry. We envisioned that this business will be a pivotal part of Indonesia’s future renewable energy provision. We live-and-breath environmental protection as an integral part of our business operation. In our daily work, SUMBER ORGANIK strives to set a new national standard in waste-handling & management practices.


SUMBER ORGANIK’s approach to technology is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. On every site, there is a combination of measures that fits for the given problem.

We do not advocate a particular type of technology, rather we puts together the right solution for each site. Our original concept is composite technologies termed GALF: “Gasification and Landfill Gas”. This concept will continue to evolve with our increasing miles in project implementation.

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