TPA Benowo, Surabaya

The project located at Romo Kalisari village, Benowo sub-district and Sumber Rejo village, Pakal sub-district, Surabaya city with boundaries as below :

a. Northern boundary : Salt ponds and fish ponds held by resident

b. Southern boundary : Salt ponds and fish ponds held by resident

c. Western boundary : Tambak Dono street

d. Eastern boundary : Salt ponds and fish ponds held by resident

This site processes and receives waste from Surabaya City with volume up to 1,600 tonnes per day on 37.4 hectares of area with large proportion (57% to 60%) are organics. The landfill, located in western part of Surabaya, services the 4 million of people living in Surabaya.

Since October 2012, PT. SUMBER ORGANIK holds a 20 years concession to manage TPA BENOWO, this project was the first to involve private investment in waste-to-energy service at Surabaya and East Java Government, The Project will be able to deliver up to 2 MW of electricity from Landfill Gas and 9 MW of Electricity from Thermal Power Plant.

The Project will also to be registered as Clean Development Mechanism action in Indonesia. Where as it is implementation continue to be a challenge due to the low price of the Carbon credit at the international market today.

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Waste is an under-developed native energy-source waiting to be discovered

Since 2009, our company has been taking pro-active measure to change perception of waste as a problem, to a challenge with sizeable business opportunity.

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Professional waste-handling service is in demand

Newly enacted law (Law No. 18 / 2008) mandates better-than-currently-practiced waste handling measure. This law requires municipality governments to convert the 460 open dumping sites across the country into sanitary disposal sites. PT. SUMBER ORGANIK is investing heavily to build capacity to be the leading provider in waste-handling and management services. In fact, we are setting a new national standard in waste management services.

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Strong support from Government of Indonesia for renewable electricity from wastes

Government of Indonesia continue to extend strong support for renewable electricity, specifically from waste by continually increasing the feed-in tariff to encourage investment in this sector. Being the ACTIVE PLAYER in the industry, PT. SUMBER ORGANIK has been vocal in working with Government of Indonesia in shaping its policy.

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Most importantly: We protect the environment while doing business

The practice of converting waste-to-energy contributes directly for the improvement the livability of urban cities. Better waste-management practices decelerate environmental degradation associated with air pollution, odor, and ground water contamination. It also prevents methane, a harmful green-house-gas, to be released to the atmosphere. In our case, we convert them into electricity.

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